Writer’s! Don’t Forget To Exercise!

Exercise is important even as a writer. Having a job where you spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer means you have a fairly sedentary life. It is very important to keep moving. Not a lot of people know this but there are health risks to sitting. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, there is a 125% increased risk of having a heart event. Not to mention you will gain weight like crazy. So it is important to get moving. Not only is it important for your health but it can be important for your eye sight and thought process. Continue reading Writer’s! Don’t Forget To Exercise!

Show Don’t Tell Made Easy

If you are having trouble with show don’t tell just act it out. A tell will quickly become clear. In time it will just become second nature to you when you are writing your first draft. Even I still have trouble with show don’t tell at times and I think most authors do. I have heard authors with four books still having issues with “Show Don’t Tell” on their first drafts. So chin up if you need this little tool, I think most of us could use it. Continue reading Show Don’t Tell Made Easy

The Daily Ten Minute Writing Session

Now you only have to write about 200 words a day to finish a book in a year. A book being defined as 80,000 words; I am assuming you are going for mass market. This article is slightly less than 500 words so you could finish your book in half a year if you write something as long as this a day. Not so bad huh? So why not stop reading my page and go spend ten minutes writing. Trust me, you will accomplish a great amount if you just write! Continue reading The Daily Ten Minute Writing Session

The Age Of The Divinity

THE ORIGINS OF THE UNIVERSE Before everything, there was only the Tempest for an unending moment.  The potential of everything laid inside raw essence unformed and darkness, constantly warring within itself.  The powers of infinity swirled without time.  The mills of the Tempest moved and from its fires came forth aspects of itself.  These aspects were one with the Tempest and yet separate.  However, as … Continue reading The Age Of The Divinity