Writer’s! Don’t Forget To Exercise!

Exercise is important even as a writer. Having a job where you spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer means you have a fairly sedentary life. It is very important to keep moving. Not a lot of people know this but there are health risks to sitting. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, there is a 125% increased risk of having a heart event. Not to mention you will gain weight like crazy. So it is important to get moving. Not only is it important for your health but it can be important for your eye sight and thought process. Continue reading Writer’s! Don’t Forget To Exercise!

The Basic Word Groups

Words are the most basic element of writing and speech.  The rules that govern the structuring of word groups is called Syntax. In this section we will discuss the basics of syntax in the English grammar.  The first thing to know is how to assemble a word group.  When putting words together there are two sets of words required, predicates and subjects. A predicate is … Continue reading The Basic Word Groups

The Basics Of Punctuation

Punctuation marks are the little symbols you see scattered among sentences.  While most of us are familiar with them it helps to learn their proper uses and names. . Period: The period is considered a full stop.  It is the ending of a sentence. It can also be used to note an abbreviation of a word has occurred. ? Question Mark: A question mark is … Continue reading The Basics Of Punctuation

Show Don’t Tell Made Easy

If you are having trouble with show don’t tell just act it out. A tell will quickly become clear. In time it will just become second nature to you when you are writing your first draft. Even I still have trouble with show don’t tell at times and I think most authors do. I have heard authors with four books still having issues with “Show Don’t Tell” on their first drafts. So chin up if you need this little tool, I think most of us could use it. Continue reading Show Don’t Tell Made Easy