What is 2018 going to look like?

My release schedule for 2017 was weak sauce.  I hardly posted anything, hardly did anything, and hardly kept any of my ambitions.  2018, I am coming out gangbusters right off the bat. Here are my plans as follows; 1: Lyorta Episodes 1-4 will be released. Episode 1, In March Episode 2, In June Episode 3, In September Episode 4, In December 2: Blue Ash Crisis … Continue reading What is 2018 going to look like?

Important News About My Health

I have some rather troubling news for those who know me in person.  Those of you online may benefit from today’s recent events.  I have long struggled with heart issues as my long time fans have known.  I also have come into discovery that my issues come from a form of social anxiety.  Not the kind that just makes you feel uncomfortable in some situation, … Continue reading Important News About My Health