Lyorta Vol.1: Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6: THE QUEEN’S ERRANT ELVEN BLOOD I 868 CE “2nd Season, 5th Moon, 3rd Week, 4th Day” ~Far West Iest Kingdom, In The City Of Taber At Nightfall   The constant clanking and banging of cups and iron fill the dimly lit hall as small talk abounds.  Good music and cheer saturate the air along with the chatter of a small fire crackling at … Continue reading Lyorta Vol.1: Chapter 6

Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5: BROTHER’S ORDERS BROTHER’S LOYALTY II 868 RA “2nd Season, 5th Moon, 3rd Week, 4th Day” ~Golgotha, At The City Of Belcross   Wolgraft watches the arrival precession of his brother from the balcony of the Reed Arms Tavern. The streets of Belcross are alive with good cheer and celebration raining with flowers and confetti.  “He loves this,” Wolgraft said aloud.  His sister, Ariest waves … Continue reading Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 5

Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4: A STRANGER FROM HAVEN THE WANDERING PRINCESS II 868 RA “2nd Season, 5th Moon, 2nd Week, 5th Day” ~The Southern Kingdom, Deep In The Pridelands’ Hunting Grounds Crimson orange moss covered the ground for as far as the eye could see.  The vast sea is only interrupted by the occasional patch of grass or twisted tree. The songs of birds and insectoid chatter … Continue reading Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 4

The Age Of The Divinity

THE ORIGINS OF THE UNIVERSE Before everything, there was only the Tempest for an unending moment.  The potential of everything laid inside raw essence unformed and darkness, constantly warring within itself.  The powers of infinity swirled without time.  The mills of the Tempest moved and from its fires came forth aspects of itself.  These aspects were one with the Tempest and yet separate.  However, as … Continue reading The Age Of The Divinity

Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 3

“You see Bridehan this did not happen overnight. You have ruled for over twenty years now. It was a slow degradation. Over time, you lost control as you did not use your power wisely. You dined on the greatest foods and while thieves ravaged your domain you hid up in your castle like a coward. Now that you have become weak you want to be strong again. Then you allowed a small uprising from the Knights and we face civil war among our own forces. If news reaches west of our inability to handle our own troops it will be my head on a pike. You cannot be strong any longer and do not serve a purpose for me. However, I am a real King. I will allow you to remain as a figurehead. You shall be King of Tidas. The East will hate you and I want them to. I want the East to think of you as a fool. So keep your fools crown.” said the King. Continue reading Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 3

Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 2

Without any hesitation Guildred lunges onto Bilk grabbing his throat. “Where is the village guard’s horn fat man.” Bilk gagges as Guildred’s grip grows even tighter. He can feel his windpipe being crushed. Bilk fidgets at his side raising the horn in Guildred’s face. His grip releases completely from Bilk dropping him to his feet. “Good, now blow it.” Continue reading Lyorta Vol. 1: Chapter 2

Lyorta Vol. I: Introduction

The epoch of the ancients was closing, they’re once eternal rule has ended. The world was unmade, shrouded by darkness, reduced to a barren wasteland of dragons and other untold monsters. The heavens arched as the armies of the gods fought with the ancient ones. Xyreus, lord of the gods, rose up against his master, the ancient Lathos. Their endless battle continued as the inhabitants of the world wept. The skies shattered. Continue reading Lyorta Vol. I: Introduction