Art Of Inspiration; Music

Since I talked about the building of narrative style by appreciating other forms of art I felt like I should talk about a superior art, music. All art aspires to convey emotion as purely as music does. There are very few things in life that feel like magic and I think I can speak for everyone when I say music is one of those beautiful things. The ability for music to conjure ideas and emotions is supernatural. It stirs and wakes the spirit in ways no other art can.

I consider music to be a very powerful tool. It can move and call up and clarify ideas and scenes. Along with having a healthy catalog of other media, I think my largest is my music library. I have music for just about everything spanning the spectrum of genres. Some of you may have tried writing with music but the lyrics kept getting in the way like with me. When I am writing I like foreign music or instrumentals so that I am not influenced by lyrics. If you have not tried listening to music while you are writing you are surely missing a treat. I find it to be a very rewarding tool.

You may also be like me and have issues with staying on task. I have ADHD and found that music increased my productivity in general. Which if you have ADHD you know that is a big deal. A great place to find new music is and also believe it or not Youtube.

Artzie Music:
This is a great site for finding very different styles of music. Mostly Japanese artists and vaporwave but it’s different and you won’t hear stuff like this on the radio.

New Retro Wave:
If you missed out on the 80s and early 90s and want that heavy synth rock music again this is the site for you. This kind of music would fit perfectly in an old sci fi or action movie. I heavily suggest giving it a look through to see if you like it.

Epic Music World:
And last but definitely not least, I think you will get your most mileage as an author from this lovely channel. Epic Music World has a string of channels related to it as well, but all focus on the most stunning instrumentals you have ever heard. It is completely worth your time to subscribe and pop on your browser to listen while you write. I cannot suggest this page enough.

Well, I hope you found this little talk about music interesting and helpful. What kinds of music do you like to listen to and got any bands, composers or places you would suggest? Comment below and tell me. Remember if you liked this to share it with your friends and to subscribe to me. I appreciate it. Have a great today and an even better tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Art Of Inspiration; Music

  1. This is an excellent post Jayce. As a drummer for over 60 years, the magic of music is a huge part of my life. I love all genres (not crazy about rap) and have played in symphony orchestras, swing bands, marching bands, rock bands and trios. Thanks for sharing all those channels 🙂

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    1. That is interesting I used to be a drummer too actually. I wonder if there is a correlation between drummers and a proclivity to the literary word. I am not crazy about rap either but there is an occasional gem that appears from that genre. Sounds as though you have been around and had some adventures of your own.

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